Hello. My name is Huw Martin. I live in a secluded part of the Cheshire county in the UK - near to Manchester and Liverpool, just to put things into context. I’m still in full time education, taking a course in digital media.


It was soon after I bought my first Mac that I discovered my passion for writing an technology, and since then i’ve become a nerd by some standards; I use Gmail, I use RSS, I know what 4Chan is, I get all giddy when the Apple Online store goes down, and I can speak in a relatively informed manor about what is happening in the technology news at the moment.

The reason I write this blog is really to get my opinions out of my head and onto a page. There is no real filter on what what I write about, although I tend to write about what I am most interested in (technology, design and advertising), though I will write about anything else I feel like writing about. Most of my posts are scatterbraned and incoherent, but I try, and I hope that someone, somewhere, might take something new away from something I write, someday.

The website is hosted on Tumblr, and the theme is the awesome Minimal Theme, designed by Artur Kim with no modifications. All posts are written in Markdown - the syntax language by John Gruber - I’m currently using a trial of TextMate for the Mac, and for mobile I use Notesy or Note & Share which both support markdown to save to Dropbox and post to Tumblr. All pretty awesome stuff.


I only currently own an old 17-inch iMac G5 PowerPC running Leopard. As for peripherals I use a classic Apple keyboard - one of the ones where you hear the taptaptap and the clatter every time you type a word - and a Mighty Mouse. I’ve also got a beautiful iPhone 4, and a just as beautiful 13-inch MacBook Pro. I also keep around an old iPod Touch 2G - engraved with the quote ‘the sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken’, it’s Bob Dylan apparently.

I use a tonne of really awesome app’s on a day-to-day basis, most of which I don’t think I could live without anymore. You can find a list of the vast majority of them in this post outlining the bare essentials I would install first to be able to operate well on a Mac.