Has any other product ever become the number 1 seller on Amazon after it was discontinued?

If you thought this webOS fire sale weekend couldn’t get any crazier, think again. Best Buy has made an about-face and is now selling the TouchPad, limited to one per customer. Meanwhile, reports on Twitter and our tipline suggest that some of HP’s servers are starting to buckle under the load of new TouchPad activations.

I’d love to see the sales charts for the TouchPad since HP dropped the price like a stone. They seem to be flying off the shelves everywhere, which suggests they’ve flooded the market with upto 245,000 new tablets.

Of course, here in the UK, the best price you can get the 16GB Wi-fi model for right now is £349 - “Save £50.00” - what do they take us for?

My MessagePad keeps me portable and on target the way no modern computer can. I can’t browse the internet with my MessagePad, I can’t use Twitter, IM, or iTunes. There are no preferences to get in the way of my writing. With my MessagePad I don’t need to be sitting at a desk to be productive.

The popping noise this thing makes is no doubt the most satisfying thing in stationery. Or maybe a close second to lining out a task in a notebook.

That title is not garbled. Fujitsu did not announce the release of its Windows Phone 7 handset today, but instead its Windows 7 phone. All of a sudden Microsoft’s naming system is a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? The phone will be released on July 23rd.

The handset, named the F-07C Mobile Phone, runs a full, complete build of Windows 7, and can be, according to the Fujitsu copy, used “as a PC.”

It’s really painful to watch these huge companies flailing, trying to stay relevant by breaking into the mobile space, and doing it entirely wrong. Stick with the enterprise guys.

Who said Tweetbot doesn’t add real value to Twitter?

Mark Striebeck, Google’s Engineering Manager for Gmail, left a public note in Google+ yesterday letting everyone know that Google is already working on integrating Google+ into Gmail. Specifically, he cites “several Gmail / Google+ integrations” in the works. At the same time, he wants to use Google+’s new Hangouts group chat feature to get ideas and feedback on how the integration should work. Tomorrow on Google+, Striebeck’s team will hold a brainstorming session.

Awesome. But why are the Reader team not doing this? It seems like a natural fit with Google+. Maybe Sparks is their supplement for the time being.

So Richard pointed out this excellent post about using HTACCESS files on a server to redirect to your Google+ account. In his post, he lamented the inability to do is with his domain as it’s hosted on Tumblr, just like this blog is.

However, with Tumblr you can actually hook this up so that it works. Give a go. Here’s how to set this up with Tumblr:

1. Head to the Tumblr Customize page for your blog.
2. Choose the ‘Pages’ menu item on the Customize page.
3. Create a new page, configure it as below and hit save.

Very nice idea by Nik, i’ve just set it up (you can hit me up on Google+ now, at, but it simply acts the same way as, just with a better looking URL address. It still doesn’t solve the problem that my Google+ ‘username’ out of the box is 107419002725667151057.

It will be interesting to see if this move plays out for better or for worse. I liked Rubinstein as the face of webOS, but obviously the TouchPad reviews have been lackluster.

Maybe things will work out with a better management head at the helm, to really give webOS that “scale” HP promised, whilst Rubinstein pushes ‘product innovation’.

Or maybe not.

Although I had to laugh watching the demo video which felt comical and completely rehearsed, I do think Microsoft are on to something. The idea of taking advantage of multitouch by circling words to copy them to the clipboard is really straightforward, the implementation though, still looks half baked, you have to tap a button first before dragging a marquee of an oval over the chosen words. If Microsoft manages to get it right (eventually) it could be awesome and it’d be something i’d love to see in Windows and Windows Phone which would add to the whole “get in, get out, get back to life” concept they adopted for Windows Phone 7 to make the overall experience quicker and more seamless. Right now though it isn’t doing it for me.

If there’s one thing Google seem to do really well, it’s search, that and user guides. Having got a lovely new email address at, I wasn’t loving it, the GoDaddy mail interface is the most distraught interface i’ve ever laid eyes on. To escape UX hell I signed up for a free Google Apps account and then went from there, after following the user guide to the letter and waiting for the changes to process now I can access my mail account through Gmail. Perfection.

Iain Broome:

What a lovely idea for a (guest) blog post by Lisa Rivero over at Write It Sideways:

Regardless of how often or even whether we are published or how much (if any) money we make from our writing, all of us have a love for written communication and at least some skill with words, and we can use that love and skill in valuable ways, big and small.

Lisa provides a few suggestions for how you can use your writing skills to benefit others without expecting anything in return. This is my favourite:

Write short book reviews or reading lists (with or without a byline), and ask if you can make copies for distribution at your local library.

I could do that. You could do that. What a smashing idea.

I am most definitely going to try that.

I can’t help but link to this, Hard Graft just keep churning out classics, I would sell my soul for this bag, seriously. Handmade in Italy, made from “hand-picked hides of premium Florentine vegetable tanned leather”, the 3Fold is a thing of beauty.

I well and truly love the design direction Google are going in, since the launch of Google+, we’ve seen a reboot of the interface for Google search, GCal and now Gmail as well. What Google are producing are elegant web app’s which people will want to use, that people will get pleasure from looking at for the first time, rather than an archaic looking app thats redeemed by its functionality - anybody that has tried Gmail will tell you its a great service, better than Hotmail at least, but design like this is the icing on the cake, and it’s very much appreciated on my end.

Fascinating teardown of the new Thunderbolt cable from Apple by iFixit revealing that the true value might be closer to the $49 price tag than anyone expected. The cable contains “a total of 12 larger, inscribed chips, and tons of smaller electronic components”. I’m not an engineering type but I still find the teardown’s like this intriguing and I’d love to hear the first estimates of what the cable costs to make. People have an expectation of Apple that they overcharge for cables and peripherals, but it’s already been reported that the inclusion of Thunderbolt could cost as much as $100 to add to hardware.