So Richard pointed out this excellent post about using HTACCESS files on a server to redirect to your Google+ account. In his post, he lamented the inability to do is with his domain as it’s hosted on Tumblr, just like this blog is.

However, with Tumblr you can actually hook this up so that it works. Give a go. Here’s how to set this up with Tumblr:

1. Head to the Tumblr Customize page for your blog.
2. Choose the ‘Pages’ menu item on the Customize page.
3. Create a new page, configure it as below and hit save.

Very nice idea by Nik, i’ve just set it up (you can hit me up on Google+ now, at, but it simply acts the same way as, just with a better looking URL address. It still doesn’t solve the problem that my Google+ ‘username’ out of the box is 107419002725667151057.

I don’t know what it says about Yahoo that they have directed developers to use Ovi Maps considering Yahoo use Bing behind the scenes, it’s at least an interesting move. To another point though Yahoo have obviously completely lost their direction, and I respect them for having to make tough choices like this one, but at this point they’re well off course and I don’t think they’ll ever manage to find their way back.

Doing the Tumblr shuffle


Haven’t had much time for long-form blogging lately, so:

  1. I’m going to attempt to have my Pinboard bookmarks feed re-post on here and see how that goes. It’s a pretty good pulse of what I’m interested in day-to-day, and hopefully you find some interesting things.

  2. Follow me on Twitter if you don’t already. It’s the most updated anything of mine these days.

I feel compelled to buy Pinboard finally, trying this out would just be so much easier than bookmarking stuff in Instapaper to post on here later.

A Better Communication Network

Dialoggs is not Twitter. Though it does have some of the same features, Dialoggs is about discussions with multiple people and therefore has a different vision and expanded feature set. Dialoggs is not chat. Dialoggs is social and sharable. Picking up where chat left off. Dialoggs is not Tumblr. Though each post can have media attached to it and it’s own unique page, Dialoggs goes much further in communicating with others on the network. Dialoggs is not Google Wave, It’s closer to Twitter or Tumblr than it is to Wave.

I posted a couple of days ago about Twitters competition with UberMedia and how they shouldn’t be worried, and now here comes along another sortof Twitter competitor, although it clearly states that it’s not like Twitter, it’s called Dialoggs, and I think it sounds pretty cool.

I don’t think Twitter needs to be worried about Dialoggs though, they’re obviously for different audiences, the average user will stay with Twitter becuase they don’t even know Dialoggs exists, and those who use Dialoggs I could imagine will use it alongside Twitter. Nevertheless though, i’m really excided about Dialoggs, it looks to have a great UI and I love the fact that all posts and conversations will be saved and have their own page. It’s also going to be a lot more content aware than Twitter, with Twitter you can share photos or video using a third party service like TwitPic or TwitVid1. With Dialoggs you will be able to attach and share multiple photos, videos and code snippets to a post natively, similar to the way it works here on Tumblr apparently. I think the fact that everything is saved and that you can share any kind of content on there will actually make it a great tool for small businesses to communicate with in a more social way, we’ll have to see how that pans out though or if Dialoggs ever even gets off the ground.

The project has fifteen days left on Kickstarter to raise another $11250, and i’d love to see this thing succeed, so to anyone in my miniscule readership if you’ve got some money lying around chip in to help out the project - if you contribute $50 you’ll even get to be one of Dialoggs first beta testers!

  1. Something I think Twitter are crazy not to get into doing themselves natively.